Who We Are

We are a group of Life Coaches, Business Owners and Inspirational Leaders that are making the betterment of the world priority.

Our goal is to have inspirational people come together to make an impact on others to fulfill their purpose. We utilize modern day life coaching techniques in our speaking, in group settings and in film making. The techniques and exercises in our teachings are designed to guide people towards achieving what they want in life and to ultimately motivate them to fulfill a bigger purpose with their lives. We put people on the path to success in life.

We have developed formula's from credible sources that people use to succeed in life as well as what we believe the world needs to evolve into a better place. We have decades of combined experience, expertise and success to guide others to reach ultimate potential.

We work to transform lives in the most positive way. In today’s society healthy living is trending and becoming what’s most important to our existence. We are so happy to be a part of a progressive world of well being, health and self improvement. We believe the world can become a better place if everyone worked on themselves and fulfilled a positive purpose. We are here to guide people to be their best as everyone deserves to live a high value life.

Bright Life’s mission is to inspire people through our Speaking, Groups and Inspirational Films. On top of providing cutting edge life coaching tools through this guide, we reach out to groups of people to speak and share live our mission and provide tools for people to achieve their purpose. We are also inspire to provide thought provoking video’s and films to inspire the world to be a better place and to inspire people to be their best.