International Groups

Bright Life's vision to create a social group for both teens and another group for adults began the development process of the Bright Life group guide. The group guide was written to provide simple instructions for the members to start and operate their own group. The Bright Life Group incorporates not only a social setting for people to connect; it also provides life coaching techniques to guide them down a positive path to personal success. All needs expressed by her clients where considered when writing The Bright Life Group Guide to provide the innovative concept.

After developing the concept and bringing the vision to life, the mission to make Bright Life reach people all over the country and the world is in the works. While sharing the Bright Life concept with innovated people, Bright Life has recruited a credible team to advise, work with and grow the company to greater levels.

The Bright Life Group will not only change lives but it will create a sustained outlet for those who will ultimately bring a social life, support and positive lifestyle to people all over the world.