Bright Life's mission is to make the world a better place, we believe in order to do that we must focus on individuals to inspire people to use their potential and gifts to fulfill purpose.We provide an outlet for generations to experience how to fulfill their purpose in life which can ultimately develop a better world now and create a better future for generations to come. Every person has so much to offer the world, Bright Life inspires people to give their best in life.  We encourage others to discover how to live a fulfilled life, which ultimately promotes an inspired generation for a better world.   

The Bright Life Group was created in 2012 from Life Coaching concepts of Carlye Ava in Los Angeles, CA. Her clients all seemed to have similar needs such as needing support, guidance and resources yet there was little available for them to rely on. It seemed all clients from all generations needed more resources to not only get through life in the most positive way possible but to transform their lives into a life of purpose and fulfillment. Not only did they appear to need these resources but they all asked Carlye if she knew of any sort of group where they can interact with people who also want to better their lives. Seeing a demand for something greater than a simple support group, Carlye began creating ideas through visual concepts and writing. After researching and studying every successful group concepts in America, she noticed that there was an opportunity to create something very necessary that is in demand but not yet available.  After much creative work efforts and various models, she ultimately created The Bright Life Group. 

We are a non profit entity where we focus on programs, speaking, collaboration and connecting reliable resources. The Bright Life Groups programs offers educational teachings on how to lead your best life with Life Coaching processes and information for positive personal development.

Our focus is providing effective information to individuals in group atmosphere's through our programs, speaking and providing resources. Our goal is to make the world a better place through collaboration.

Our Board




Carlye Ava - Founder of The Bright Life Group - Certified Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

Carlye Ava originally from Canada is a dedicated Certified Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner established in Los Angeles. She is licensed by The Society of NLP –Founded by Richard Bandler, co-inventor of NLP and certified member of the International Coach Federation. By creating The Bright Life Group she has begun her own personal journey to inspire others to live a more positive life.




Nicole Schneider - Founder of Global NLP Training Institute -

Nicole is the founder/senior trainer for Global NLP Training Institute. Her company based out of Europe and the United States holds trainings for up to 6 certifications as Life Coaches and Master NLP Practitioners in Amsterdam, Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles. Nicole holds her Masters in Psychology and studied law through the University of Minnesota and University of Amsterdam. She is a certified trainer through Richard Bandler co-inventor of NLP. Global NLP continues to gain international credibility as a leader within the NLP and Coaching industry, as Nicole remains invested in the company’s continued growth and success.




Chris Hayes – 2x Super bowl Champion, Founder of 90 Percent Mental

Chris Hayes founded It’s 90 Percent Mental following his professional football career in the National Football League for The Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets and the New England Patriots; winning 2 super bowls over his NFL career. He played college football at Washington State University. Since retiring from the league Chris has founded It’s 90 Percent Mental, an organization that develops camps drawing more than 300 young men and women from San Bernardino and the surrounding areas annually. It’s 90 Percent Mental began as a vision to bring positive change to Chris’ hometown of San Bernardino, California. Through Chris Hayes unique style and experience, he teaches individuals about the importance of teamwork, community involvement and being a Champion on and off the field changing lives with phenomenal success.


Our Team




Sylvie Lee - MST Therapist - Youth Advocate & Program Manager

Sylvie actively played a role in youth advocacy campaigns for more than 10 years. In a therapeutic capacity, provided individual, couple, and family therapy in a variety of settings. In a management capacity, advocated on behalf of children and families by focusing on education, basic living skills, employment, and health including mental health needs. Managed youth programs by supervising staff, assisting with program goals and objectives, developing new programs, strengthening current programs, and developing policies to improve program quality and implementation. Leadership responsibilities have included building relationships with educational and community organizations, and building bridges between youth, their families and resources.