How can we change the world?

This question is the ever driving force behind the majority of institutions who want to contribute to this change. Our position is that of the same, the desire to make the world better. We come from a place of empathy for all of humanity and we want to contribute to making the world better. We don’t have all of the answers as issues can run deep in layers and carry domino effects that need changing. Our position to contribute we feel is that same position every person in the world has, a choice. A choice to do something. To take action. Our action brings together a formula to work on the issues we believe need the most focus.

Those areas that we feel need the most focus to make the world better are:


Human Rights

Climate Change

World Peace

Animal Rights

Earth preservation

These subjects all offer a variety of subcategories that could also use a lot of focus. We believe if every person in the world contributed their gifts in some way to make a difference, the world could quickly evolve into the peaceful and united world we know it has the potential to become.